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OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Service Chennai

The best OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Service Center in Chennai, Our service center covers various OPPO F3 Plus repair, We have professional technicians are well equipped and experienced in the replacement of broken, cracked LCD screen and battery, we also fix motherboard faults and liquid damage, camera, speaker, charging port, buttons, wifi, headphone jack, overheating. The experience of our technicians over the years is unbeatable, as they are highly skilled in handling OPPO Phone faults. Customer satisfaction is our priority, You get value for money within a reasonable time frame and your device will be as good as new.

OPPO F3 Plus SpecsOPPO F3 Mobile Service Center in Chennai - OPPO F3 Specs Android 6.0 OS, 4GB Ram, 64GB Storage, 3200mAh Battery, 5.5 inch Display, Front Sensor 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel, Rear Sensor 13-megapixel.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Screen Repair

iFixservice provide excellent OPPO F3 Plus broken LCD screen replacement in Chennai, The OPPO F3 Plus LCD screen is sometimes dropped mistakenly and it gets cracked, smashed, displays white screen, having colored lines or non-responsive touch screen. We repair perfectly at our service center within a reasonable time frame, The OPPO F3 Plus device, which has 5.5” and 1920x1080 pixels LCD screen has been repaired many times by our skilled technicians over time. Customer satisfaction is our priority, you get value for money

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Camara Repair

In the past phones were just a messaging and calling device. But with the passage of time listening music, playing games and capturing memorable moments have become major utility. We would say that with a non operational or poorly functional camera the OPPO F3 Plus seems boring. If the camera of OPPO F3 Plus is not justifying a 13 MP Rear resolution, 16 MP + 8 MP with f2.0 Aperture front resolution do not worry

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Battery Replacement

iFixservice is the best F3 Plus replacement center in Chennai, we fix battery drain, hot battery, bulging battery. Our technicians are experienced and experts, proper diagnosis and repairs in real time. We are committed to serving you better, customer satisfaction is our priority and we always ensure you get the best prices and value for your money.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Charging Port Repair

The charging port or dock connector is used to charge the battery and to connect with USB to transfer data. The charging port can be damaged by water, dust or frequent lose connection. The fault results in no or poor charging. Moreover no connection with USB or broken connection may be established. If charging port of OPPO F3 Plus is not enabling to charge or dock connector is not establishing the connection consult our technicians for a favorable consultancy or genuine repair and replace.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Microphone Repair

The microphone is the mouth piece of the smart phone used to transfer the voice of sender to the receiver. The microphone can be intermittent or non functional due to water, dust or dropping on the floor. If this happens to your OPPO F3 Plus do not ever hesitate to call us at +91 - 74492 74492 as we consider ourselves one of the best service centre for OPPO Mobiles. Our team of expert technicians is the best among the best to serve you at competitive cost and minimum time.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Loudspeaker Repair

The Loudspeaker of OPPO F3 Plus Phone is used to listen to music or caller’s voice in higher volume. If the sound is not routed to loud speakers mean if no voice or broken voice is listened through speakers, it need repair or replacement. To get a fixation from a professional and expert technician is prior need of a customer. If you are in search of such technician, we are recommended by our existing customers for the future customers.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Ear Piece Repair

During communication ear piece is on the receiver side. A not working ear piece or working with broken communication creates problem and limitize the use of OPPO F3 Plus phone. If ear piece is behaving in some problematic way do not waste your time in searching for a trustworthy technician as you are on the right spot.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Power Button Repair

If the power button of your OPPO F3 Plus does not respond how will you turn it on or off? You may come with multiple solutions but none of them will be a proper replacement of power button. Therefore it must be repaired or replaced as soon as it starts uneven behavior.

OPPO F3 Plus Mobile Volume Button Repair

A button found on left of the phone is used to change the volume level or shift to a mute or silent mode. The mute button is helpful when user of OPPO F3 Plus is attending a meeting or such situation. A defective mute button means no other option to silent the smart phone. In this condition the button is desired to be repaired or replaced by some reliable technician. We gathered the highly experienced technicians from Chennai at our service centre.